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Italia: Viaggia nella bellezza / Italy: a Journey through Beauty

The great Italian heritage is genially presented in a culinary key.

Sardegna Pride

A fun commercial for the gay pride event in Sardinia.

Leo DiCaprio meets Pope Francis

Leonardo DiCaprio meets with Pope Francis to discuss their mutual concern for environment.

Sulle rotte dei migranti:

On the routes of migrants to Italy.

World in Progress: Social Street in Bologna

We live for years in a place where we don't even know who our neighbors are. Social street might be the key to this issue.

Origini della lingua italiana

The origins of Italian language in short.

Il tempo che ci rimane

A message of rebellion from the youth against anti-environmental policies.

Making Pasta / Pasta Fatta a mano

The experience of making pasta.

Di madre in figlia

Mothers and daughters: the most amazing and tremendous relationship ever.

Le mondine

Interview with the "mondine" from Modena: women who used to migrate to Piedmont for 40 days to work in the rice fields and sing together to forget the hard work.

Amore gay: le reazioni dei bambini

Kids' reactions to gay love.

"Una brutta figura"

Matteo, a freshman at the University of Pisa, really made a fool of himself this time...

A Cooking Class in Sicily

The Sicilian chef Lele Torrisi guides a Canadian couple through a complete culinary experience from the market to the dining table in Syracuse.


Chatting with a stranger might be fun, but you never know who is really going to be behind the screen...

La Scarpa

How would you react if your boyfriend suddenly left you? Maybe the right pair of shoes can help.

Mimì metallurgico ferrito nell'onore

A conversation through gestures.

Speaking Italian (Eat Pray Love clip)

Learn how Italians speak with their hands in this clip from "Eat, Pray, Love".

Kobe Bryant interview in Italian

Interview with Kobe Bryant during his tour in Italy.

Kobe Bryant speaking Italian during Lakers game

Kobe Bryant speaks in Italian to a teammate during the Lakers game.

Kobe Bryant - rapporto con Italia (radio deejay)

Interview with Kobe Bryant for Radio Deejay.

Kobe Bryant interview

Interview with Kobe Bryant about his life and career.

Il Capo (estrarre marmo nelle Alpi)

A look at the Carrara marble process of extraction filmed while the boss guides his men during the work through particular gestures.

Parma Ham

In Parma Carlo Pavesi shows us his Parma black pig farm, where he ages the ham, and his shop of expensive leather handbags.

What is the real Milan?

Explore Milan with Eva Riccobono from the catwalk to the most symbolic places of the glamorous city center.

Bologna timelapse

Bologna Timelapse


Stories and faces of the people who are building the new hospital in Bergamo.


An adventure through the making of the famous Pecorino Toscano.

Frames of Rome

A fast, playful journey in Rome through meaningful instants.

Spot Omero

A hymn to life from a blind professional swimmer.

How To Pronounce Italian Cycling Brand Names

How do you pronounce the most famous Italian cycling brand names?

RAI commercial

Rai commercial showing funny scene of husband and wife discussing about petty daily matters.

A culinary journey through Milan

Italian chef Alessandro Borghese will take you for a tour of the Navigli neighborhood in Milan.

Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano

Presentation of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano.