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Toxic Napoli

Campania region's environmental crisis: politics and criminal organizations behind the waste emergency.

From Bello to Biutiful: what's going on with the Italian language

The Italian language is being overwhelmed by a huge amount of English words, over and badly used. Do we risk to use our identity along with our words?

Sulle rotte dei migranti:

On the routes of migrants to Italy.

Il tempo che ci rimane

A message of rebellion from the youth against anti-environmental policies.

Soccer "Passion Meter"

Two brothers, two fans, two passions for soccer.

Italian scene from Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger speak Italian during a famous scene from 'Inglorious bastards".

Behind the Scenes Monica Bellucci interview

Monica Bellucci talks about the new Martini Gold commercial campaign.

RAI commercial

Rai commercial showing funny scene of husband and wife discussing about petty daily matters.