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Sulle rotte dei migranti:

On the routes of migrants to Italy.

San Barillo Abysses

San Berillo (Catania) has "three abysses", outcomes of renovation in the neighborhood. This is the story of Boian and Sansa, Bulgarian immigrants who live there in a shanty.

To be or not to be.... Italian

The issue of the citizenship and identity for second generation immigrants.

L'isola (The island)

The work for the integration of various ethnic communities in a school in the Island of Stromboli in Italy.

Lontano da Mogadishu

Interview with the Somalian author of "Far from Mogadishu": a reflection on her life in Italy and her memories in her mother country.

Mare Nostro

A story of immigration, desperation and hope in the Mediterranean Sea.


Stories and faces of the people who are building the new hospital in Bergamo.